Bavarian Obatzda Recipe

Ryan Biergarten pretzel obatzda and beer
One of the best Bavarian snacks to go along with massive amounts of beer is a pretzel, and the best thing to eat with that pretzel is Obatzda. Obatzda is a Bavarian cheese spread. Usually made with a mix of camembert or brie and butter, it’s rich and creamy, and delicious. It’s a simple recipe that’s always a big hit that everyone loves. [continue reading]

The Best Beer Garden Snacks

Beer Garden Wurstsalat Sausage Salad Munich Germany Biergarten

Even though traditional Biergartens are self-service and allow you to bring in food, you’ll find snacks and full meal options in most Munich Beer Gardens. The choices are delicious, particularly after many liters of beer, so I recommend you grab of few of these tasty bites during your Biergarten visit.
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Our Top 5 Munich Biergartens

Take an Independent Tour of The Best Munich Beer Gardens

Top 5 Best Munich Beer Gardens, Biergartens in Germany liter beer

James and I love traveling to Germany, and Munich is probably our favorite city – not just in Germany, but of all the cities we’ve visited around the world. Munich has it all: museums, cafes, art, history, shopping, and, of course, beer. When most folks think of Germany, they think of men in lederhosen, women in dirndls, big glasses of beer, and Oktoberfest. You don’t have to go to Oktoberfest to get all of the best of Munich’s laid-back beer traditions, though. From spring when the chestnut trees are blooming through fall when the autumn chill starts setting in, the Biergartens (in English: beer gardens. See? You’re learning German!) are festive and fun places to drink a Maß (pronounced ‘mas’, means a measurement or liter) of beer, eat hearty food, and enjoy the company of several thousand of your fellow beer drinkers.

There’s nothing quite like a Bavarian Biergarten, and these are our Top 5 Munich Biergartens that you shouldn’t miss.
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