Germany’s Magical Christmas Markets

In Germany, Christmas markets are not just something you visit—they’re something you experience. From the moment you arrive at the market, you’ll feel immersed in the magic of German Christmas tradition. The Christmas markets are full of holiday decorations, lights, music, and delicious aromas, which all add a cheerful atmosphere. With an abundance of traditions and events, you’ll likely have the most festive holiday of your life with a visit to Germany.
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Germany Wine Festivals

Germany Wine Deidesheim Weinstube
Love wine? Be sure to include these fun wine festivals in your Germany travel itinerary. The first drink to come to mind when I mention Germany probably isn’t wine, but the country is filled with vineyards and has a long history of wine production.
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Bavarian Obatzda Recipe

Ryan Biergarten pretzel obatzda and beer
One of the best Bavarian snacks to go along with massive amounts of beer is a pretzel, and the best thing to eat with that pretzel is Obatzda. Obatzda is a Bavarian cheese spread. Usually made with a mix of camembert or brie and butter, it’s rich and creamy, and delicious. It’s a simple recipe that’s always a big hit that everyone loves. [continue reading]