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France L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Sorgue River at sunsetTrying to find the travel information you need can be overwhelming, and DMR Travel can help. We love helping travelers plan their independent European trips.

Whether it’s your first time visiting Europe or you’re an experienced traveler, DMR Travel will give you the tools and guidance you need to be a confident traveler.

Spend your travel days exploring what interests you, and make your travel experience personal to you.

DMR Travel can help you create a custom Europe itinerary that gives you the freedom to travel independently, with plenty of travel advice and tips to help you plan your journey.

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Tips for Europe Travel During Covid

Binax covid test and kn95 mask
We traveled across Europe for a month in August / September 2021, and although it was one of the most challenging trips we’ve taken, it was also one of the most rewarding. The itinerary had to change several times because of canceled flights and travel bans, but we finally made it! After so many canceled trips, we could finally take the trip that we planned over a year and a half ago.
Yes, right now, there are more travel obstacles, but with some extra planning, you can enjoy the journey!

Tips for Europe Travel During Covid

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Pre-Travel Checklist

passport, cdc vaccination card, checklist
Here’s your checklist of ✓ things to do, ✓ things to purchase, and ✓ things to pack before your Europe trip.
No one wants to feel overwhelmed with a long list of things to do when going on vacation, but there’s some pre-travel prep work that you’ll need to do before heading out on your travels. Even during normal travel times, there’s a list of things to take care of, but travel, and especially international travel, during Covid requires some extra preparation.
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Lake Como, Italy Travel Tips

Italy Lake Como view from ferry
I was hesitant to visit Lake Como because of its popularity and thought it was probably over-hyped and crowded with tourists, but I was so wrong, and Lake Como became one of my favorite destinations. With charming towns, natural beauty, and a laid-back lake vibe, Lake Como is a dream destination. I’ll give you some travel tips about where to stay and how to get around. [continue reading]

Germany Wine Festivals

Germany Wine Deidesheim Weinstube
Love wine? Be sure to include these fun wine festivals in your Germany travel itinerary. The first drink to come to mind when I mention Germany probably isn’t wine, but the country is filled with vineyards and has a long history of wine production.
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