Review Your Credit Card Travel Protections

master card credit cards
With COVID-19 disrupting so many travel plans, folks are paying more attention to travel insurance and protection, but it’s something many travelers have overlooked until now. In particular, seasoned travelers may get complacent with what’s been working for them and skip analyzing the coverage they’ve always used. Of the numerous options available, many travelers depend on the travel protection offered by credit cards, but have you reviewed your credit card’s travel protection policy lately? [continue reading]

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

broken foot in cast on pillow
What’s the quote? “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” The unexpected can happen when you least expect it and usually at the most inconvenient time. I was recently looking at a trip for us to take in the next month but hadn’t booked anything yet because I was still weighing our options. And then I fractured my foot.
I’m happy that I hadn’t booked our trip (bummed that I broke my foot), but this is a case where if I had purchased our travel, it would have been a relief to have travel insurance.
Do you need Travel Insurance? Sometimes. [continue reading]

European Plug Adapters

plug adapters for european travel
Don’t forget that you’ll need plug adapters for the country (or countries) you’re visiting. I don’t recommend an all-in-one adapter because they get too bulky and cumbersome. Also, given the size of the universal adapters, they don’t always fit into the plug or are too heavy and fall out. So, instead, we travel with the adapters we need for the countries we’re visiting. Always travel with more adapters than you need because you never know when you might forget one in a hotel room. (Oops…learn from my mistakes.)
These are the plug adapters that you’ll need when traveling to Europe from the US. [continue reading]

My airline went bankrupt, now what?

Airport Flight Arrival Departure Display

This week, Wow Air, in a last-minute, overnight announcement ceased operations and cancelled all of their flights which left travelers stranded across the world. Travelers with flights booked later in the year now had their future flights cancelled, and their travel plans in left in chaos.
It’s rare, but this type of event isn’t unheard of, and there are ways to protect your travel investment and your sanity.
[continue reading]

Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel Experiences

Tractor on a backroad near Bodensee in Germany

Many travelers are looking for an authentic travel experience, a thing found or personal encounter that will connect them more deeply to a destination, an event or a place that will feel like a new discovery. I’m asked often for travel advice, and many times folks start by saying that they’re “looking for things off the beaten path” or “something non-touristy”. First, let me say that there’s nothing wrong with the “touristy things”. Would you skip the Louvre in Paris because there are too many tourists? There’s a reason “touristy things” are full of tourists – they’re awesome! But, I also understand wanting to find unique experiences and to discover things tucked away that aren’t written about in tour guides, and there are ways to help you find those experiences that are personal to you and to create incredible travel memories.

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