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Not every travel advisor or travel blogger is right for everyone, so I’m here to let you know more about my travel philosophy, and if you agree, then we should keep in touch.

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Slow Travel

Travel as though you’ll be returning.

Keep your itinerary open and don’t rush from attraction to attraction.

Let yourself be distracted by something you find interesting, even if that means skipping something else.

Force yourself to be adventurous by leaving a few days with nothing booked and figuring it out once you’re there.

Use the internet and guidebooks simply as suggestions. Travel your way and find what works for you and your interests.


Comfortable Travel

Choose flights based on ease as well as price. Pay a bit more for nonstop flights or to avoid long layovers.

Choose accommodations based on location and amenities. Don’t choose the cheapest hotel if it’s out of the way and will require additional travel to sites and attractions.

Your accommodations will be your home and respite so make sure they’ll be to your comfort standards.

Be loyal to airlines and hotels, and collect miles or points. Use them to upgrade or travel at reduced costs.

With airlines, try to stick with one alliance and become an elite member for special perks. Those perks become more valuable the more often you travel.

Remember that your time is valuable, and if you can spend a bit more money to save a lot of time, then it might be worth it for you.


Travel More

Take the vacation time your employer allows. Use it! That time belongs to you.

Combine pleasure travel with business travel and stay an extra few days.

Tag along with your spouse, significant other, family, or friend on their business travel.

Be on the lookout for special deals to the cities on your travel list and take advantage of those deals when they pop up because you might not get another chance.


Give me shout if you’re ready to start booking your Europe trip.


Flexible Travel

Flexibility is our one travel requirement. When booking, be flexible with dates and times. When issues come up, be flexible.

If using air miles or hotel points, you must be flexible.

Look into other destination airports or cities, particularly when traveling to Europe where it’s easy to connect with low-cost airlines or to travel by rail.

Combine different arrival and departure cities – “open jaw” flights.


Travel Prices

Avoid traveling in the high season. Shoulder season, between high and low seasons, is our preferred time to travel.

Be aware of and avoid festivals or special events that you don’t want to attend because prices can skyrocket.

Learn how to find and book the best airfare. Book airfare online and avoid the fees charged to call and book with a representative.

If you’re traveling as a group, contact airlines and hotels directly for the best rates.

Be aware that some attractions have an entry fee. But also know that some experiences and attractions are free on certain days or after a certain time.


Cultural Travel

Be aware of local customs and respect them. Learn important cultural differences about your destination before you arrive.

Learning some basics of the language will go a long way. Even a simple “Good Morning” in the local language shows respect.

If you have specific needs, learn enough language to convey your requirements. Nut allergy? Gluten intolerant? Learn how to ask for and understand responses to important special requests.

Be confident in trying new things and mingling with locals. Get out of your comfort zone.

Be curious and courteous.


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